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Benefit of Salt Water System for Spas

Salt, or Sodium Chloride, is one of the most common elements on our planet, and people have been enjoying the benefits of sea-salt and mineral salt baths for hundreds of years. Certain concentrations of mineral salts has been used therapeutically to help detoxify and strengthen a person’s immune system. Salt water purification systems have been […]

Hot Springs Spas Repair Sonoma County

HotSpring Spas manufactures stylish and functional spas, with a wide array of modern features. Their spas are known for having high-tech controllers, powerful water jets, and sleek body designs. While these spas are well constructed and built to last, they will, on occasion, require repairs. For Hot Springs Spas Repair Sonoma County and Napa County […]

Four Easy Steps for a Sparkling Spa or Hot Tub

Many of us are dreaming of the beautiful days of spring, particularly since so much of the country has taken a beating this winter. Spring is arguably one of the best times of year to use a spa—temperatures are perfect, and you can enjoy a cool and relaxing evening, or a leisurely and sunny Sunday […]

Learn the Many Hot Tub Health Benefits and Why a Home Spa is Such a Worthwhile Investment

Maybe you’ve always imagined having a luxurious hot tub, but did you also realize hot tubs can have a tremendous impact on your health, as well as your overall quality of life? For thousands of years, ancient civilizations, including the Greeks and Romans, have been utilizing warm water therapies for a variety of ailments, and […]

Getting the Most from Your Hot Tub or Spa during Winter

Imagine a long day of shoveling snow in freezing temperatures. What sounds better at the end of that day than relaxing in a luxurious hot tub? A hot tub is a great asset any time of year, but it can be particularly relaxing during the cold winter months. Most of the country is in the […]

Maximize Your Hot Tub Experience with New Parts and Supplies Plus Scheduled Maintenance

If you invest in a luxurious custom hot tub or spa, naturally you want to ensure you’re getting the most from each and every use. Since a hot tub is a great long-term investment, it’s important to regularly care for and maintain it, so you’re never stuck in a situation where you’re looking forward to […]

The Many Benefits of Clearwater Spas

Comforting, pain eliminating hydrotherapy that’s environmentally conscious? Yes! Clearwater Spas has been in the business of manufacturing green spas since 1976. They have established a name for themselves as an environmentally aware company who is constantly evolving and innovating new technologies. Their design lines include a wide variety of super energy efficient, sleek models that […]

All Natural Enzymes the Best Alternative to Spa Chemicals

There’s nothing like soaking in a spa. Hot tubs help relax the day away and create the perfect escape for moms and dads in need of some down time. Retirees enjoy the health benefits of soaking in a spa. Not only are hot tubs great for adults, they’re great for kids too. The only downside […]